Make Beats that Bang Big-Time in No Time

If you want to make beats that your crew or even MCs, artists, producers or DJs will be vibin’ on in days not years,Click Here to Make Banging Pro-Quality Beats in Minutes! you’ve come to the right place – Beat Making 101 is your free guide to cookin’ up beats on the cheap in minutes that bang like they were simmering for months in billboard producer’s studio.

While there definitely appear to be a lot of ways for the aspiring hip hop, rap or electronic dance music (be it techno to trip hop) beat maker to go from having a beat banging around in their head to having it murk speakers, if you’ve looked into them you’ve probably come to a couple of potentially dream-stealing conclusions:

Click Here to Make Banging Pro-Quality Beats in Minutes!

1. The ways to make beats that go as harrd and sound as fresh and clean as the stuff you hear in the club or download off of iTunes are hard to learn and even harder for most people not making a living from using their DAWs, VSTs and MPCs to afford. (Just to get an idea of how all-consuming beat making software and hardware is, consider that their is a forum called with, get this, 5 million posts about it!)

2. The ways to make beats fast and without mad bank or driving yourself mad – like online and free download beat making machines -  are a dime a dozen for a reason: you can’t make beats that are worth a penny a dozen with them – usually just speaker and your intelligence insulting, sample-rate jacked one bar loops.

Based on this assessment you’d be right to think that you’re not going to make beats that get you congratulated not hated without having to do a bunch of things you hate. Based on the facts though, you’d be wrong.

Yeah figuring out how to make beats that are club or pro rapper worthy is difficult, damn expensive and downright daunting. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be!

In fact, to make beats that you can drop like bombs on a party crowd or sell to MCs you only need three things:

1. A sequencer with pads (for drum beats) and keys (for melodies and riffs). And oh, it has to let you mix and master at least 16 stereo tracks, and grow your bar count to 16 bars minimum.

2. A library of professionally recorded and mastered WAV samples, including all hundreds of instrument sounds and FX, and, above all, drum kits tailored to the style of beat you want to make.

3. Ignore this final fundamental and make beats you want other people to hear at your own peril: the ability to master and track-out your mixes as broadcast quality 44.1 stereo 16 bit PCM WAV files. Notice the word MP3 was absent from that last sentence – master as full quality WAV, then convert or you’re a beat faker!

Alright – three things you need to be able to say that you know how to make beats that are baller. The problem seems to be that they rule out those cheesy beat makers everyone’s babysitter has tried and that the beat making programs that cost mad chedda’ (and time to figure out) don’t give you #2.

And while you could buy the proper building materials you need to the tools programs like this have to offer, this would cost you way more than it does for the software, which is likely going to drive you mad to learn and use (since it’s for way more complicated tasks) anyway.

Thankfully some legitimate players in the beat making game had the good sense to see that their wasn’t a happy-medium medium for making legit beats from scratch and spend big bucks developing affordable dedicated beat makers for all levels and budgets.

An all-in-one beat making program, like DUBturbo, not only gives you each of the three, “must-haves” above, including several Gs worth of samples and hotkey playable keyboard and drum samplers, but you get them for less than the price of an update or plugin for software like Pro Tools.

As you can see, your days for dreaming about winning the lottery and buying a bling studio and time to play in it are over. Actually, thanks to the beginner to advanced video training that comes with these new school beat makers, you can make beats that are sweeter than your dreams in minutes today.

Beats that you can sell on sites like AudioDaddy to pay for that dream studio – that is, if you still want it!

Click Here to Make Banging Pro-Quality Beats in Minutes!